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If you are interested in joining Franklin Family Medicine, please call 717-785-1151 to learn more and to set up a get-to-know introductory visit. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

At this time, we are unable to accept Medicare patients. The patients that will most benefit from DPC are those patients with no insurance or high deductible health care plans. Please review our policy statement below.

Policy Statement

  1. Membership as a patient in Franklin Family Medicine (FFM) provides for your routine primary care needs; the membership fee is $70 a month plus $10 a month for each of your children.
  2. Routine primary care needs include: a yearly physical with routine blood-work, yearly well-child checks, sick visits, health maintenance visits, recommended vaccinations, and 24-hour access by phone to your doctor.
  3. There is also a $70 initiation fee.
  4. The FFM membership plan is not insurance, and we recommend that you obtain insurance or establish a health savings account to cover things such as emergency room visits, hospitalizations, specialists visits, therapy, radiologic studies, and non-routine labs and testing.
  5. Either party (doctor or patient) may terminate this agreement for any reason upon thirty days notice.
  6. There is a re-initiation fee of $210 for the patient who resigns or fails to pay to reestablish as a member of FFM.
  7. The membership fee schedule may change upon 30 days written notice.

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